LearningSmart helps students who learn differently to develop more effective ways to process and understand their world. As we like to say, education is a marathon, not a sprint.
We will go the extra mile for you!

As a Parent

You know your child is bright. But the skills, gifts, and intelligence you’ve seen at home aren’t reflected in their schoolwork. You’ve tried everything you can think of – tutors, homework help, maybe even consulting a specialist. But nothing seems to work for long.

Therapy Practice

We work with students who learn differently – helping them develop the cognitive skills they’ve been missing for academic success. From there, we also work with them on the attitudes and habits that work with their particular learning style, rather than fighting against it. And finally, we support parents in communicating effectively with their son or daughter for a positive and cooperative environment. We help kids leverage their strengths and apply new cognitive habits to their everyday lives, from the classroom to the baseball diamond.

We Work With

We work with all types of learners, including students with:
· Dyslexia
· Language Processing Disorder
· Auditory Processing Disorder
· Visual Processing Disorder
· Executive function & organization or planning difficulties
· Learning disabilities  and/or gifted students

Educational Therapy Is...

Educational therapy is not tutoring. Tutoring focuses on reteaching what was originally taught in the classroom. As such, tutoring can work well for students who need additional focus or guidance in a specific content area. Unlike tutoring, educational therapy retrains how a student’s brain processes, understands, and generates information uncovering the underlying cognitive issues that get in the way of learning. From there, we choose a course of action that strengthens and builds upon your child’s natural abilities and learning style using a multi-sensory approach.

At LearningSmart, we work with dyslexia and reading problems; language, listening and visual processing disorders; and executive functioning skills such as memory, staying on task, and keeping organized. Our work also impacts students with anxiety, self-esteem, and confidence issues. Again and again, we see students become calmer, more confident, and more communicative as a result of their time with us. For many of the families with we work with, this is a huge victory, too.

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