Discover Forbrain®, an Innovative Headset to Improve Speech, Auditory Processing, Memory and Concentration

The sounds of your voice are actually nothing more than vibrations. What if science could enhance these vibrations before your brain analyzes them?  Discover how a revolutionary technology is about to change the lives of millions who struggle with sensory integration issues.

Do you know why people always cringe when they hear their own voice on tape? It’s because they’re hearing solely through their ear canals. When you normally hear your speaking voice, the sound resonates through your head and reaches your ears via bone conduction, rather than air conduction.

As a fun experiment, try this:  plug your ears with your fingers and say something. Hear how your voice resonates clearly in your head, despite your muted ears? The sound is traveling through your facial bones about 10 times faster than through the air. Your brain puts it all together via sensory integration, which is a crucial part of phonological awareness, or the comprehension of language.

A startup company, Sound For Life Ltd., has developed a revolutionary patented device to aid speech and auditory processing that uses this natural process of auditory feedback.  Introducing Forbrain®, a headset that uses groundbreaking technologies to create an enhanced audio-vocal loop that enables users to improve their speech.

Forbrain® is the first device of its kind offered directly to consumers for at-home practice. Using the device is easy and intuitive: simply wear the headset, switch it on, and speak for a few minutes every day to improve speech. This can be as easy as reading aloud to yourself from your favorite book, studying content for school aloud, or having a conversation with someone.  Designed for children and adults with speech difficulties, including problems with pronunciation, articulation, and fluency, the easy-to-use device may also enhance memory and concentration.


Forbrain uses two revolutionary technologies based on years of sound therapy research:  bone conduction transducers and a dynamic audio filter. The electronic dynamic filter instantly analyzes and enhances the user’s voice, amplifying the frequencies, rhythms, and color to help users comprehend and adjust their voice.

Developed in coordination with Aftershokz, LLC, the world leader in bone conduction tech, Forbrain® uses transducers placed on the facial bones just outside the ears. The sound resonates through the facial bones, which your brain processes via sensory integration into crystal clear speech.

As Forbrain® is designed for at-home use; its an ideal tool for educational specialists, speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists to enable their clients to practice between sessions. With an introductory price of $359, the Forbrain® package includes a user guide, an educational support guide, 3-5 day delivery, and a 2-year warranty.

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