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Considering working with us?

Does your child have an academic or cognitive challenge that’s holding them back in the classroom? We are here to help. Here’s how to explore what LearningSmart has to offer your family:


Step 1 – Call us.

In our initial conversation, you’ll speak with our parent intake coordinator. She will ask you questions about your child’s academic history. Was there a time when they were successful academically? When did things begin to fall apart? What else have you tried? What seemed to work? Was your child retained in school? What other professionals have you asked for help? We want to hear anything you want to share—and we’re ready to answer your questions as well.

From there, if we agree that we’re a fit, we’ll invite you to continue to…


Step 2: Send us the information you’ve gathered.

We like to do a comprehensive paperwork review of any testing, assessments or treatments your child has had to date. At this stage, we’ll have some more questions about your child’s learning journey. We also email you our forms to gather additional information about your child’s strengths, weaknesses and academic history.  We use this information to get a complete picture of your child.


Step 3: Schedule a consultation.

After reviewing the documents you’ve sent us, you’ll have a consultation. At this meeting, you will be walked through our assessment of your child’s present level of performance, and we will make a recommendation for how to address it. We will begin developing the customized Unique Learning Plan for your child, including: the program protocol, results you can expect and parental goals. At this time we will also discuss the parent commitment and investment.

If there are any evaluations that are needed at this stage, we’ll let you know that, too. For any relevant test results that are older than 6 months, we’ll request an updated evaluation. This will help us get a baseline of your son or daughter’s most current skills and challenges.


Step 4: Schedule a program.

At this point, if you choose to work with us, we will pick a start date to begin. Once your child’s LearningSmart program begins, we’ll walk beside them – and you — every step of the way.


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