Project Partner

Long-term planning skills and specific project support

Does your son or daughter have a big project for school? Maybe it’s a science fair or big history report. Does your child dawdle until the last minute? We can help—taking care of the project that is due … and developing your son or daughter’s planning and execution skills to make their future projects successful.

This short-term program partners your son or daughter with a Braincoach, who will teach your son or daughter the organization, planning and time-management skills they need to complete their project well before the deadline… sometimes in just a few visits.  Focusing on a specific project, your child will learn how to take ownership, plus gain the organizational skills required to be successful for any project, for rest of their life.

The length of the program depends on the specific project requirements, as well as your schedule as a family. Typically, academic support lasts one to two months.