My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, auditory processing deficits, and visual processing deficits, as well as a vision disorder in which her eyes do not work to focus together.  She is a very bright kid who has had a lot of trouble in school.  Last year, Ellen was recommended to us by one of the other therapists my daughter was seeing. Since my daughter has started education remediation, Ellen has taught her many new strategies which in turn have helped her grades improve dramatically and her self confidence has soared too.  My daughter has always had the dream of becoming a doctor and now I feel that this is a goal she will definitely be able to reach.
-Dori C. –  Parent

One of my students recently attended the LearningSmart program and has shown much improvement in all academic and study skills areas. He now pays attention when being taught and when working. He processes information much more quickly and he is more self confident. Your program works and is a good investment in the future of our children.
-Meryl Jefferson – Educator

Thank you LearningSmart for helping my son become a responsible and confident 5th Grader. You are all great staff who love what you do….This is demonstrated by your enthusiasm, concern and your ability to encourage learning in an original and interesting manner.
-Diane S. – Parent

LearningSmart has been a blessing for our family.  Nicholas’s self-control level has improved dramatically as well as his focus and interest in his school material.  LearningSmart has helped Nicholas immensely in his reading comprehension and analytical skills.  Additionally, the therapists at LearningSmart are very knowledgeable, experienced, loving and caring.  We would definitely recommend LearningSmart to any parent for their children!
-Olena P. – Parent

Ellen Horowitz and her team are amazing! When our daughter started at LearningSmart 2 years ago, she felt like a “failure” as a student. It seemed that no matter how hard she tried, she could not achieve academic success. She was very frustrated with school. After attending LearningSmart’s Guide on the Side FLVS program, she has completely changed as a student. Her confidence is back and she feels successful with her schoolwork. Ellen has the unique ability to reach and teach students that others have “given up” on. Our daughter is now transitioning to high school and we have Ellen and her amazing team at LearningSmart to thank.
-Katie Swenson – Principal FLVS and Parent

We were grateful to find LearningSmart at a time when our 9 year old was having a difficult time conforming to the traditional school environment and needed a more personalized and compassionate learning environment. The teachers and staff at LearningSmart take a positive approach to teaching and adapt their curriculum to each students learning style. My husband and I feel that our son is learning more now than he did in his former school environment. Our son actually looks forward to going to school, whereas: before it was a difficult struggle to even get him to school. I can’t thank them enough for all they have done to help him grow academically and emotionally in just seven months.
-Mr. and Mrs. Torres – Parents

I am very thankful to have found LearningSmart as an alternative learning program for my 9 year old son. My son started going to LearningSmart for their afterschool academic remediation program in 2010, then in 2011 he started their “Guide on the Side” program and it helped him tremendously. My son has ADHD and ODD and Ellen and her team have given him and my family all the support and care no other school could give us.  I highly recommended LearningSmart, they are wonderful.
-Olga G. – Parent