Interactive Metronome

Develop attention, concentration, and task planning and sequencing

Do you have a wiggler? Does your child have trouble sitting still and paying attention? Is getting started the hardest part? Interactive Metronome puts their active impulses to work. By moving to a beat and getting instant feedback, this tool helps students build synchronized timing in the brain. Many of our families elect to use this tool at home, to keep their students’ skills sharp after completing their LearningSmart program. The home-based option allows us to support families who have logistical trouble with getting to LearningSmart frequently. Some parents choose this option to so they can reuse it as a way to keep their son or daughter’s skills sharp over the course of the year.

Many students report an improved capacity for focusing on tasks and paying attention after two 20-hour intensives (an intensive is a set block of days where a student uses the tool regularly, several times a week). They also are better able to control their impulses overall. Exact results vary.