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ReadLS Reading Intervention

Improve reading ease, fluency, speed, and comprehension

ReadLS Reading Intervention helps students who struggle with reading fluency and comprehension, starting at age six. Designed for readers who have difficulty with grammar and syntax; poor reading, writing or spelling skills; or an inability to make the transition from one-word-at-a-time word decoding to reading fluency, ReadLS  works at the level of neural pathways to increase processing of language and text.

ReadLS targets the 12 reading requirements to master the skill of reading: auditory processing, visual processing, ocular motor control, visual closure, executive function, working memory, decoding and encoding, phonological awareness, morphology (word construction), timing, visual sequential memory, and multi-sensory integration.

The program is set up in four parts, student will first start with an assessment to set placement.  They will then have 15 sessions of cognitive therapy.


This program can be done as a home program.