TalksUp® and the TOMATIS Method

Build learning, listening, concentration and communication skills

Centre Tomatis 4Does your child have trouble listening to their teacher or remembering what you asked them to do?

The TOMATIS Method can improve listening and comprehension, helping the brain integrate auditory information. Developed by a French Ear, Nose and Throat doctor in the late twentieth century, the TOMATIS Method – and its proprietary sound training therapy software TalksUp® – is based on more than fifty years of medical research. Most of our students begin their program with TalksUp® as it prepares the brain by integrating information gathered by the senses. This foundation strengthens the success of future interventions.

We recommend TalksUp® for students struggling with anxiety, auditory processing; expressive and receptive language; attention disorders; developmental delays; emotional intelligence; and more. The TOMATIS Method has also been shown to positively impact three core functions of the ear – hearing, balance, and energy.

Students use TalksUp® through a series of intensive sessions. Our intensives are 14 days of working between 20 minutes up to 80 minutes each day. Over four months, students go through at least three intensives.  This program can be done as a home program.

Many students show reduced anxiety and better body awareness after the first intensive.  The second intensive frequently results in improved energy and focus. After the third intensive, students often show improved expressive and receptive language, as well as organizational skills.